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13 Июнь 2018, Нью-Йорк, США | Новости Юг-Юг - Сегодня посол Палестины Рияд Мансур и послы Арабской группы и Организации исламского сотрудничества (ОИК) встретились с Председателем Генеральной Ассамблеи Мирославом Лайчаком с просьбой о международной защите палестинского гражданского населения в Газа.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting and flanked by the Arab Group and OIC representatives, Mansour said they had requested “the resumption of the 10th Emergency Session, Uniting for Peace, to continue with the request to have international protection for the civilian population.”

Mansour noted that “today there were four Palestinians that have been killed by Israeli firepower in the Gaza Strip. Seven additional ones are seriously injured, that some of them could as we speak, you know, leave life, and 650 have been injured.”

He condemned “in the strongest terms the continuation of these atrocities against the Palestinian civilian population.”

The Palestinian Ambassador said “our objective is to provide protection for the civilian population So, we are not, the resolution is not asking for establishing new mechanisms. The fact-finding mission was decided upon it to be established in Geneva. What we need now is the SG to use the moral authority of his office and his creative ideas of what to propose that could be implemented to provide protection for the civilian population.”

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